Safety & Environment


The Company is committed to a Safety Policy to ensure an accident free workplace.

It is the aim of the Company Safety Policy to eliminate the risk of accident or injury to any person by the implementation of safe work practices and the provision of safe and healthy working conditions.

Employees are expected to observe Company Safety Procedures and accept their part of the responsibility for protecting themselves, their fellow workers and the plant.

The Company maintains and supports an Occupational Health & Safety Committee who are charged with the responsibility of ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements under the guidance of an Independent Safety Expert.

Work requirements are not permitted to override the necessity for the safety of employees of the Company and safety procedures must be satisfied before work commences.

A detailed Company Safety Policy Handbook is given to all new employees


The Management of Whiffen & Andrews recognise our community responsibility to protect and enhance the environment, in which we work and live.

Together with our Employees and Subcontractors we shall:

  • minimise the creation of waste materials;
  • ensure that the waste that is generated is recycled whenever practicable;
  • ensure that all hazardous and environmentally sensitive materials are effectively contained;
  • dispose of residual waste materials in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner;
  • comply with relevant regulatory and legislative requirements